Friday, February 4, 2011

Thoughts on a Backyard Garden

Sustainable Horticulture

Please click the link above in yellow highlight for a great site to an article called Wasted Yards To Mini-Farms!

I have to say that one of my favorite gardens was a small garden in the back yard. Using the methods from a book called

"Square Foot Gardening" 

by Mel Bartholomew

I was delighted to learn that 
you can indeed 
grow more food in less space! 

He teaches how to plant certain vegetables with other vegetables for shade, as well as, to act as a natural bug repellent - fascinating! It was also so easy to plant and only 5 minutes a day to maintain.  

Here in Georgia it is no problem to have a summer garden and a fall garden within walking distance of your back yard.  I grew everything organically, picked fresh, no driving to the store, standing in line, lugging groceries in and out, and think about the tremendous amount of money saved on organic groceries not to mention the satisfaction of growing the food yourself!

Honestly,  I think that some people are concerned about what "their neighbors might think" and personally I will confess to not only having a small 12 foot by 12 foot garden 


also 3 laying hens housed in a 
Chicken Tractor in that same yard :-)  

The Chicken Tractor was lovely, easily pushed to a fresh patch of grass in the yard every evening, there was no smell and very little noise. (avoid roosters)  The two dogs were a lot louder and messier.  

Neighbors who want to talk about something are going to find something to talk about and then again their question may be "can you help me plant one" or "if you have any extra fresh brown eggs I would love to take those off your hands for you!"  

Cheers to sustainable living close to home...... in our very own yards!


  1. Ok now THIS is wildly useful to a goddess who is trying to be as organic as her budget will allow.
    Love the Chicken Tractor too!

  2. I would be more than happy to get my toes in your fresh dirt and help you with this any time. Bummer I am in an apartment or I would have a garden myself. Lucky for me one of my best friend's has about 60 tomato plants and 20 pepper plants to put out every year so I have somewhere to experience some gardening this year.


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