Saturday, February 5, 2011


"The thought for today is SIMPLICITY.

To simplify is to invite  peacefulness into your life.

When we have lots of 'stuff' in our lives, it is hard to be peaceful.

Close your eyes and ask "How can I simplify my life, what can I let go of?"

"Live simply, so others can simply live." -Traditional Quaker guidance

If we dare let go of our possessions and the will to control and dominate, we will cultivate a deeper spirit of peace within us because we can accept the present moment as a gift.

By simplifying our lives, dropping less important activities and 'things', we allow more time for what matters most.


I will write down three ways I can simplify my life and put at least one of them into practice today.  

I will give away something I have not used in the past year."

-Quote from Unity North

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