Monday, January 31, 2011

What A Difference

"It is an amazing thing, the difference to one's powers of concentration a pair of comfortable shoes can make." Laurie R. King

In re-defining myself over the last several years, one thing that pushed me out of the "rat race" and into an all-out search for my place in this wonderful world baby spinach in the look of a 12 month old who is experiencing his first mouth full of baby spinach.  Can you see that?  Good!

In Georgia the summers are very hot and very humid. In downtown Atlanta it is even worse because of the pavement, concrete buildings and roads everywhere. Sadly, the  "acceptable dress code for women" even in the summer is: black clothes, gray clothes, white clothes, hose and high heals.  Every morning I looked like that baby trying to force down a spoon of spinach while getting dressed for work!  Not a pretty sight I assure you.

Honestly, all I could think about while on the job was cool cotton skirts, Born sandles and the urge to escape to the beach!

It is winter now and I am writing a new resume. I am happy with a pair of tennis shoes for walking and my Cowgirl boots for everything else.  They make me feel at home each time I slip them on and I am so comfortable that the endless life possibilities jump out from every angle.  My black blazer is going to the Goodwill today as I also realized that look was not for me either......

In shoes and in life if I am who I choose to be.......then I am choosing well.....I am choosing ME!

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