Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Caged in like a Chicken?

I have a dream and I am determined to align myself with an employer who does not ask me to
undermine my beliefs 40 hours a week in the workplace by surrounding myself in electrical currents with dozens of computers and lights while stuffed in off-gassing carpet-covered
walls called cubicles.

This job search for me has been "re-purposed" so to speak, first of all in regards to my body.

For instance.... My feet!

I was issued one set of these by my Creator forty-five years ago....

they are the only set that I will ever have

and they are half way used up now.

I love my feet though,
complete with one bunion
one recently broken toe....
most of all because......................

I use them for dancing......
...........and I no longer want to squish them into fancy pointy shoes to project a certain "professional image."
I love my skin and want to dress it in organic cottons...not man-made, chemical laden materials that give the "professional image."

Bottom line....I am very professional....but now I am also an educated consumer.

This summer my feet want to breathe in my lovely new 'Bourne' sandals,

that match my new tie-dyed 100% organic cotton skirt and blouse
that smells like fresh air because I air dried it on my balcony.

No thank you sir, I am not interested in squishing into nylon pantie hose,
sweaty-hot, high heeled shoes, followed by some yucky-feeling
business pant suit that inhibits air flow and
requires dry cleaning with toxic chemicals .

From this moment forward I just want to feel better myself....

breathe better and make better choices for my body

that are housed 50 hours in the work clothes and shoes I choose for myself.

I am a big girl now and I can decide how to dress modestly, professionally, in taste with clean, organic cottons that are a better choice for me and the environment.

I challenge anyone out there........does that make me less of a "professional"?

Absolutely not, it makes me a more comfortable , happy and healthy professional!

One recent temp job I worked for several weeks ....

I was no different than those poor caged chickens whose eggs we refuse to

buy from their growers!

Like the housed chickens ,

I too had a cage...

...................................it was called ................................my cubicle.

Like the owned chickens I was told when to eat and rest at the same hour each day.

Like the over-crowded chickens, I was squished with co-workers but instead of wire..... we had off-gassing, carpet-covered cubicles complete with electrical racing currents that housed my computer and a computer on each side of me.

Like those frazzled chickens I spent each day raceing around ......feeling over-crowded and stressed out!

Like the suffocated chickens who's eggs we do not buy .......I had no natural light or fresh air for those 40 hours a week.

The chickens have "growers" ..... the cubicle-bound employees have "employers."

Like those chickens.....I was there to lay the "golden company egg "each day.The environment sucked...the environmental stress-level alone was unacceptable and I was not happy a single day I was producing the golden egg.....over and over and over again for the employer who put a roof over my head and grain in my dish.

Today I have a new vision for my life.

A sustantial-living vision where I complete my purpose in life in a healthy environment, along side other happy, minimally-stressed out humans who can eat when hungry, see the sun, and have access to fresh air and clean water throughout their day.

(Sustainable agriculture is a way of raising food that is healthy for consumers and animals, does not harm the environment, is humane for workers, ...www.sustainabletable.org/intro/whatis/ - 37k - )

Yes, today I choose to be like the farm-raised cattle

who live out their purpose in life happy, healthy and well taken care of with only
"one really bad day!"

I no longer choose to exist like a caged chicken!
Today I make the choices .....one meal at a time, one healthy choice at a time.....and definitely one lifestyle choice that consumes the carbon footprint of MY LIFE at 40 + hours a week.

Maybe it is a touch of mad cow disease gone happy?

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